Community v/s PRO Version

Pie Register is available in two versions; one is the community version which is free. This version has limited features and can be used to create a single registration form. Following are the features in the community version:

  • Create a single Registration form by dragging/dropping fields.
  • Verify and moderate Member Registrations.
  • Invitation-only registration by using Invitation Codes.
  • Add Match captcha and Google re-captcha to registration forms.
  • Custom email templates for the user and admin communication at successful registration, password reset, and more.
  • PayPal Integration to charge Membership Fee.
  • Short Codes and Widgets.
  • Import and export user data via CSV files.
  • Separate Paid Add-ons

The PRO version comes with all the features in the community version, plus these additional features:

  • Unlimited Registration Forms.
  • Use Match Captcha, HoneyPot, No Captcha ReCaptcha and time submission to avoid bots.
  • Social login using, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Google and WordPress Ids.
  • Build your MailChimp list by automatically adding users to the list at registration or by exporting registered users to the list.
  • Auto login after registration.
  • Two-step login via SMS verification using Twilio.
  • Use Conditional logic to build advanced registration flows.
  • Set up Rules for Role-Based Redirection to land users on different pages based on user role.
  • Block unwanted users by username, email and IP address.
  • Built-in form themes to quickly set up registration forms.
  • Import and export user list to CSV (no custom fields) and JSON
  • Import and export settings, email templates and invitation codes using JSON.
  • Restrict widgets: Set visibility of widgets for specific user roles and non-logged-in users.
  • Accept payment at registration via PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.net.
  • Ticket based support for 6 months.
Which version is right for me?

If your website needs a basic registration form without the bells and whistles, the community version can do the job for you.

In the case of multiple websites and advance form needs and security, the PRO version is the way to go.