How to Choose the Right Form Field For Your Registration Forms

Choosing the right field for your registration form is essential as it ensures you get the exact information you need from the user.

Pie Register offers a variety of fields to its users to create the most robust forms. They can be categorized into:

  • Default Fields
  • Standard Fields
  • Advanced Fields

In this tutorial, we will discuss all the fields in Pie Register and their options. If you are new to Pie Register, here is a guide to Creating your first registration form.


Common Field Settings:

Few settings are standard for all the fields in Pie Register. Once you add a field to your registration form, hover on the field and click on the Edit button.

The common settings in most of the fields are:

  1. Label
  2. Description – To add details for the form field
  3. Rules – To mark the field as Required
  4. Placeholder Text
  5. CSS Class Name – For any additional CSS
  6. Validation Message – To add a custom validation message for the field
  7. Show in Profile – Select if you want the field to be visible in the user profile
  8. Enable Conditional Logic (Available in Premium Version) – To show or hide the field based on the user’s input


Let’s discuss the form fields in Pie Register in detail.


Default Fields in Pie Register:

The Email and Password fields are added by default when you create a new registration form. Apart from these, the following are the default fields in Pie Register and are available to all its users.

Pie Register Default Fields


Email and Password:

The Email and Password fields in Pie Register have all the common field setting options. The Email field can display an additional field on the form to confirm the email address. For Password, you can choose to Auto-generate the password and display the strength meter for strong passwords.

Email and Password Field


Username and Name:

The Username field will give your users an area to add a username of their choice for your website.

The Name field displays two fields on the registration form, First name, and the Last name. You can restrict the number of characters a user can enter in the name field.

Username and Name Field


Website, AIM, Yahoo IM, and Jabber/Google Talk:

All the above fields have the standard field setting to add a label. These allow you to collect detailed information about the user.

Website, AIM, Yahoo, Jabber / Google Talk Fields


About Yourself:

This field adds a text area to your registration form where a user can add details about himself. The field has the option to change the label.

About Yourself Field


Standard Fields in Pie Register:

The Standard fields in Pie Register include:

Pie Register Standard Fields



The Text field displays a single-line text area on the registration form. It can limit the length of characters for the field, set a default value, and allow you to specify the validation rule according to the field requirements.

Pie Register Text Field


Text Area:

The Text Area field has all the common field settings and an option to set a default value. You can specify the number of Rows and Columns depending on the space you want for the Text Area.

Pie Register Text Area Field



The Dropdown field displays a list of options on the frontend form for the user to choose from. You can add as many options as you like. The additional field settings include:

  • Choose one of the options to be displayed as checked
  • Select a List type: None, Country, US State, Canadian States
  • Adding a Search Filter to the dropdown

Pie Register Dropdown Field



The Multi-Select field allows your user to choose more than one option from the registration form’s dropdown list. Multiple options can be added to the list. Additional settings include:

  • Choose any number of options to be displayed as checked (selected)
  • Select a List type: None, Country, US State, Canadian States
  • Adding a Search Filter to the dropdown

Pie Register Multiselect Field



The Number field can set a minimum and maximum value that a user can add to the field. A Default value can also be defined for the Number field.

Pie Register Number Field



The Checkbox field displays a list of options on the form, and the user can select any number of items. You can also choose the options to be shown as checked (preferred).

Pie Register Checkbox Field


Radio Buttons:

With the Radio button field, you can display a list of options, and the user can select one of them. The settings for this field are the same as all the other fields.

Pie Register Radio Field


Hidden Field:

The Hidden field is not visible to the users and can be used to capture the information you do not want the users to alter or change. You can define a default value or use the Smart Tags.


Pie Register Hidden Field

(Backend image from the Form Editor)


HTML Script:

The HTML script field can be used to insert HTML code blocks in your registration forms.

Pie Register HTML Field

(Backend image from the Form Editor)


Section Break:

Section Break acts as a divider for a new section on your form. You can add to different areas to divide and break the form.

Pie Register Section Break Field


Page Break:

This field adds a new page to the registration form. You can choose to display the text or an image for the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ buttons.

Pie Register Page Break Field


Advanced Fields in Pie Register:

Pie Register’s advanced fields help you create complex and professional forms hassle-free. They include:

Pie Register Advanced Fields



The Address field has several sub-fields to capture the detailed address of the user. The settings for this field include:

  • Select a List type: International, United States, Canada
  • Choose to display a Default Country
  • Hide Address 2 Field
  • Hide State Field

Pie Register Address Field


Date Field:

You can select the format of the date and input type displayed on the registration form. The input type includes a simple Date field, Date picker, or Date dropdown.

Pie Register Date Field



For the Time field, you can choose the list type from 12 Hours or 24 Hours.

Pie Register Time Field



With this field, you can capture the contact number of the user. You can choose the format for the phone number to be US or International.

Pie Register Phone Field


Upload File:

The File Upload field lets your user upload field and images that are important for the registration process. The field settings include:

  • Select a File type
  • File size in KBs (Premium Version)

For further information, please read our article on how to use Field upload with Pie Register.

Pie Register Upload File Field


Profile Picture:

This field lets your user add a personal picture to their profile with the registration form.

pie register Profile Picture Field



The list field displays an area for the user to add a list for adding multiple answers. The number of rows and columns can be specified for this field.

Pie Register List Field


Custom User Role:

The Custom User role field adds a dropdown to your registration form where you can define different user roles based on the dropdown values. The registered user will be assigned that particular role.

Pie Register Custom Role Field



If you have a membership-based website, this field will add a dropdown to your registration form to select a payment method. (PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.NET are the available payment gateways in Pie Register)

Pie Register Membership Field


Invitation Codes:

This field will be available in the Advanced fields only if the registration through Invitation codes have been enabled. You can list down the allowed codes in the field settings to allow registration through those codes only.

Pie Register Invitation Code Field


Terms and Conditions:

This field displays a checkbox to make the users aware of the terms and conditions of your website by allowing you to add the terms page from the field settings.

Pie Register Term Conditions Field


Re-CAPTCHA, Math CAPTCHA, and HoneyPot:

Pie Register allows secure registration with the help of various fields. These include:

  • Math CAPTCHA
  • HoneyPot (Premium) : Adds an invisible field to the form.

Pie Register Captcha Field


Was this article helpful? Let us know if you need any help with the form field in Pie Register.