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Got a website that’s extremely exclusive? Well, Pie Register has got you covered with Invitation only Registrations!

Invitational emails consisting of invite codes can be sent by the authorized members of your site to anyone who wants to register. This will allow registered users to access and view the site’s content. Since it limits access to invite based users only, the site’s security strengthens. Protecting it from fake registrations, spammers and bots.

The plugin has upgraded its Raw Codes features along with adding Auto-Generated Codes [PRO] and Invite Through Email [PRO]. Raw Codes now provide an added benefit of setting an expiration date of the codes. Admins or site owners can now enjoy stronger control over who gets to access their website.

These codes are easy to set up and the users that have joined the site can also be tracked via the Invitation tracking dashboard widget available in Pie Register.

Additionally, the plugin also offers the option of importing codes. Undoubtedly, all these rich features have enhanced the registration experience to a great extent.

Key Features

  • Protect your site’s privacy and prevent unwanted registrations.
  • Easily set multiple codes and invite codes.
  • Add invite code usage limit.
  • Specify the Invitation Codes from the Field settings to allow registration on a particular form through these codes only.
  • Auto-Generate codes. [Premium]
  • Invite Through Email. [Premium]
  • Set expiry dates. [Premium]
  • Import invitation codes through CSV under Import/Export section. [Premium]

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