Got a website that’s extremely exclusive? Well, Pie Register has got you covered with Invitation only Registrations!

Invitational emails can be sent by you or other authorized members of your site to someone who wants to register, the email would contain an invite code that allows them to access your site and view the content within. This will limit WordPress access to invite based users only and protect the website from fake registrations, spammers and bots.

These codes are easy to set up and multiple codes can be set so as to split up the traffic if many people will be accessing the website at the same time. The users that have joined the site can also be tracked via the Invitation tracking dashboard widget available in Pie Register.

Key Features

  • Protect your site’s privacy and prevent unwanted registrations.
  • Easily set multiple codes and invite codes.
  • Track users by Invitation Tracking Dashboard Widget.

Custom User Registration Form

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