How to Replace WooCommerce Login and Registration Forms, with Pie Register Login and Registration Forms

Pie Register’s WooCommerce add-on allows the admin to replace the WooCommerce default login and registration forms with Pie Register’s login and registration forms.

Note: This feature will only work for premium users. You can get Pie Register Premium here.

Before you start, ensure your Pie Register Premium plugin is activated.

To start, go to Pie Register > WooCommerce in your admin dashboard.

Select Pie Register Then Woocommerce

Once in the WooCommerce section, click the checkbox labeled “Replace WooCommerce My Account Login Form with Pie Register Login Form” and hit Save Changes.

Check Replace Woocommerce My Account Login Form With Pie Register Login Form

Your user’s front-end looks like the default WooCommerce account login.

My Account Login

After you replace the login with Pie Register, this is what it will look like:

Login Form After Replace The Login With Pie Register

Replacing WooCommerce Registration with Pie Register

If you want to replace the WooCommerce registration form with the Pie Register form, you must change your WooCommerce Plugin settings.

Go to WooCommerce settings in your Pie Register dashboard and click on Settings > Accounts & Privacy

In the Accounts & Privacy tab, go to the Account Creation section, and tick the checkbox labeled “Allow customers to create an account on the My Account Page.”

Check Allow Customers-to Place Orders With An Account

Scroll down and hit Save.

Next, go to Pie Register > WooCommerce, tick the checkbox labeled “Replace WooCommerce My Account Registration Form with Pie Register Registration Form,” and click save.

Check Replace Woocommerce My Account Registration Form With Pie Register Registration Form

This is what your front-end looks like after replacing with activating the Pie Register registration form:

Form After Replacing With Activating The-Pie Register Registration Form

WooCommerce Add-On Features

With the WooCommerce add-on, there are multiple features that you can use to your advantage.

The WooCommerce Add-on allows admins to hide or display user data for specific Pie Register fields on the WooCommerce checkout page.

Admins can also send free gift products to newly registered users as a token of gratitude.

That’s it! You can now replace WooCommerce login and registration forms with Pie Register login and registration forms!

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