Profile Search

With the Profile Search Add-On, the admin can allow the user to search for other registered users on the website. User information displayed in search results can be restricted and limited based on the admin’s choice. Both the profile search fields and the search display page can be customized.

Admin will have to use the profile search shortcode on the main content page to appear on the front-end. (For more details, see shortcodes)


Activating the plugin

For Basic Users

  • Log in to your Genetech Store Account and download the Addon to get the addon package.
  • Login to the WordPress website/blog’s admin panel.
  • Go to the dashboard.
  • Click on Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
  • Locate and Install the Plugin.
  • Once it is installed, click on Activate.
  • The plugin will show up in the list of plugins.

For Premium Users

  • Login to your blog/site and go to your dashboard.
  • In the dashboard menu, click on Plugins > Installed Plugins.
  • You will see the list of installed plugins, with an Activate button under each name.
  • Click on the Activate button under Profile Search.
  • Next, click/hover on Pie Register > Help.
  • Under the License tab, click on the Activate button next to Profile Search. The plugin has now been activated for use.




Setting up Profile Search

Setting up a profile search is very simple.

  • Login to your blog/site and go to your dashboard.
  • Click/hover on Pie Register > Profile Search in the dashboard’s menu.
  • Select a form that you want to set up a profile search on.
  • Select the fields on which you want to allow the search.
  • Design the profile display page using the Profile Display Editor.


  • You can drag and drop the fields from the right side tab to customize the search result display.
  • Click on Save Changes.


Profile Search Settings

You can also customize the profile search settings from the Profile Search Settings section.

Member Directories Settings

You can:

  • Select where to display search results.
  • Select which users are allowed to use Profile search.
  • Set what data to exclude while displaying the search results.


Enable Member Directories

By enabling the checkbox shown above on the screenshot, you will see a list of all the registered users with the selected fields and view details option on the Search Profile Page.

Member Directories

For more details, you can click on view details which will take you to the page of Search Profile Result.

Search Profile Results