The help page of Pie Register contains Documentation, Shortcodes, License, and Version details.

To go to the Help page:

  • Login to your blog/site and go to your dashboard.
  • In the dashboard’s menu, click on Pie Register > Help.
  • Or simply visit https://pieregister.com and look under Documentation or Support.



From the Documentation section, you can access tutorials, guides, FAQs, Forums, etc.


Registration Form Shortcodes

Registration form Shortcodes can also be viewed from Dashboard > Pie Register > Help > Shortcodes.


License Key Activation and Deactivation (PRO)

Dashboard > Pie Register > Help > License. From the License tab, you can activate and/or deactivate the plugin, and add-ons.

WordPress treats PRO and it’s add-ons as separate plugins. Therefore, if you purchased Pie Register PRO which includes all add-on licenses you must:

  • Activate the Pie Register PRO key
  • Download and install any add-ons you want to use (Optional)
  • Activate add-ons license keys using the available activation buttons (Optional)

If you have the free version and have purchased add-ons a la carte you must:

  • Download and install the add-ons you purchased
  • Log in to your store account to get and activate add-on license keys

Important Note: If you intend to use the product license key on a different website, you must Deactivate it on the current site before uninstalling the plugin. This ensures that the license key is freed up for re-use. If you forget to do this the key will not be available.


Version, Environment, Error Log, and Debug Information

From the Dashboard > Pie Register > Help > Version tab, you can view version and debug information of the Pie Register Plugin, WordPress, and Server Configuration details.

Product support may request this information while servicing a support ticket.