How to Send Custom Email Notifications Using Pie Register

Do you want to get notified each time a new user registers on your website? Or keep your users informed about the registration, payment, and account notifications for better communication?

With Pie Register, you can set-up Custom Email Notifications for both the Admin and the Users. It comes with built-in templates for all the major registration procedures to keep your website users connected and updated.

How to Set-up Email Notifications:

This tutorial will show you how to enable the email notifications for your Pie Register plugin.

If you are new to Pie Register, you may want to look at How to Create your First Registration Form using Pie Register.

  • Login to your WordPress Admin dashboard.
  • Go to Pie Register > Notifications.
    Email Notifications
  • From here, you can select Admin Notification or User Notification tab to design admins’ or users’ email templates.

Admin Notification:

Email Notifications - admin notification

By default, there is one email template under the Admin Notification tab. This email is sent to the admin when a new user registers if the Email notifications are enabled. The Admin can customize the email settings as per requirements.

Email Notifications - enable

The template has the following options to design your custom email:

  1. Send To
  2. From Name
  3. From Email
  4. Reply To
  5. BCC
  6. Subject: Admin can add tags in the Subject field to make the subject line more detailed
  7. Replacement Keys: You can use Replacement keys (tags) to add users’ form data to the email template. These keys are replaced by user data when the template is used to send out a communication to the admins or users. This adds a personal touch to the Email and makes the Email message more inviting. The Default template displays the replacement keys of all the registration forms.
  1. Text Box for Email Body: The text box has all the styling options to help you design the email the way you want.

Email Notifications - Admin default

Email Notifications - replacement keys

Save Changes.

Adding a New Template:

Email Notifications - Add new template

Pie Register allows you to make different email templates for various registration forms. You can select the registration form that you want to assign the email template for.

Email Notifications - Save new template

Click on the settings options to customize the template.

Note: The Templates will display the Replacement keys of the selected registration form only.

User Notification:

The User notification tab has 15 pre-designed templates to keep the user informed about all the essential registration procedures. All the templates are editable and can be customized as per requirements.

The replacement keys (tags) can be added to make the email more personalized.

Email Notifications - user notification

How to Send Email Notifications to the User:

By default, all the emails are sent to the user automatically.

If Admin wants to resend a separate email to a user/s, go to Pie Register > Users > Unverified Users.

Select the users, then from the BulkActions dropdown, select the email you want to resend.

Email Notifications - unverified users

That’s it! We hope this article was helpful.