How to Send a Registration Gift with Pie Register’s WooCommerce Add-on

With Pie Register’s WooCommerce add-on, you can now send free gifts to newly registered users once they have filled out a registration form.

Note: This feature will only work for premium users. You can get Pie Register Premium here.

Before you start, ensure your Pie Register Premium plugin is activated.

Please note that downloadable products are simply variations of simple products. You can only choose simple and downloadable products.

If you want to send a free gift product on registration, go to Pie Register > WooCommerce.

Go To Pie Register Then Pie Register

Once in the WooCommerce tab, click on Assign Products to Registration Form

Click on the Connect Form button to assign a product.

Click On Connect Form Button

The Connect Form button opens a dropdown menu where you can Select a Registration Form. Once you have selected a form, click on Submit.

Add The Form After Connection

The configuration settings for the selected form will now be visible on the page. For this tutorial, we have used a form titled “IQ Test for Job Applicants”.

You can view the settings of your form, as shown in the image below.

View Settings From This Icon

Click on the eye icon to view the settings where you can choose a gift and customize the text that your users will view once they have filled out a registration form.

Select Product Dropdown Menu

Choose the product to give away as a gift from the Select Product dropdown. For this tutorial, we have used a product called IQ Test e-Toolkit.

In the Notification Message box, you can enter a message to notify the user that they have received a free gift product, as shown in the image below.

Regestration Success Message

Once a user has filled out the form, they will see the following message on the front-end along with the registration success message:

Thankyou For Regesteration

After configuring the settings, make sure to check the checkbox in the top left corner, as shown in the image below, before hitting Save Changes.

Click On Save Changes And Check Assign Product To This Form

Your users can view their gift in their My Account > Orders section.


Once in the Orders section, the user should click on View to see the product.

Downloadable Product

Please Note: We have used a downloadable product as our sample.

Once the user fills a form, Pie Register’s WooCommerce add-on creates an automatic order that the admin can view in the WooCommerce > Orders tab with the status “Completed.”

WooCommerce Add-On Features

With the WooCommerce add-on, there are multiple features that you can use to your advantage.

The WooCommerce Add-on allows admins to hide or display user data for specific Pie Register fields on the WooCommerce checkout page.

Admins can also replace WooCommerce default login and registration forms with Pie Register login and registration forms

That’s it! Now your new users can get free gifts of your choice when they fill out your registration form!

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