Data Import/Export

Use the data Import/Export feature to duplicate or move your existing WordPress site’s user and Pie Register configuration data from one site to another.

  • Import and export user data via CSV files.
  • Import and export user data to the CSV file. No custom fields will be exported when exporting to CSV files. OR Use JSON export to export all user data including custom fields. (for backup purpose) [PRO]
  • Import and export Pie Register settings, email templates, and invitation codes using JSON. (for backup purpose) [PRO]


Start Import/Export Data

Here are the steps for Import/Export Data.

  • Login to your blog/site and go to your dashboard.
  • In the dashboard’s menu, click on Pie Register > Import/Export.
  • From here you can Import/Export All Settings, Email Templates, Invitation Codes, or All Users Data with Custom Fields. (for backup purpose) [PRO]


Download Basic User Data

You can download the basic user data field from the User Entries section.

  • Select basic fields of users’ data to Export from the Select Fields section.
  • You can select the date range from the Select User Registration Date Range section.
  • Click Download CSV File to download the exported data in CSV format.

You can also import user data in CSV format.

  • From the Import section, you can import user data in CSV format.
  • Select a file to import.
  • Check Update Existing Users if you want to update the user data and click Import.