How to use PayPal Recurring Payments Add-on

The Pie Register PayPal Recurring add-on allows users to choose between a one-time or recurring payment option. To configure it, navigate to Pie Register > Payment Gateways > PayPal Payments.

payment gateways

  1. Enable PayPal payments by ticking the checkbox” Enable PayPal Standard.
  2. Configure PayPal mode (Live or Sandbox).
  3. Create and enter a PayPal-hosted button ID.

Note: Scroll down to see the instruction to create the PayPal-hosted button ID.

follow the steps to create PayPal button

Note: Choose the Buy Now button for one-time payment and  Subscribe button for recurring payments.

Recurring Payments Settings:

You must generate an access token to use the recurring payments features. You will need your PayPal Client ID and Secret Key for this.

client Id and secret key

To generate a PayPal Access Token, refer to the instructions provided below.

PayPal Addon Instructions

Users can view their active PayPal subscription from their profile page. They can view their subscription details, including the next billing date. In addition, they can cancel their subscription at any time by clicking “Cancel Subscription.

Cancel Subscription

Administrators can view users who have active subscriptions by clicking View PayPal Subscriptions, located next to PayPal Payments. They can also view payment details from Payment Logs.

View PayPal Subscription

Note: It may take a few minutes for new records to be updated.

Adding Membership Field in the Registration Form

  • To add a membership field to a registration form, go toManage Forms and edit the Registration Form.
  • Under Advanced Fields, add the Membership Fieldto the form.
  • Select “Paypal” as the payment gateway.
  • After enabling PayPal, a field for a Hosted Button IDwill appear. You can create custom buttons for each registration form and enter the corresponding Hosted Button ID in the field.
  • Finally, hit Save Settings.

Manage Forms

Note:  Ensure the Global Hosted Button ID is configured. This Hosted Button ID will take precedence over the global Hosted Button ID. Go to the Payment Gateways section to set the Global Hosted Button ID.


That’s how simple it is to use the PayPal Recurring Payment addon. For more information, contact us now, and we will be happy to help.