How to Use the bbPress Add-on with Pie Register

bbPress plugin is a clutter-free and lightweight plugin that adds the functionality of a forum to your WordPress website. Users can register, create new topics for discussions, and reply to the existing forums and topics.

bbPress Add-on in Pie Register

Pie Register’s bbPress Add-on allows you to connect the bbPress profile with Pie Register. Using this add-on, you can enable the Pie Register fields to be displayed on the bbPress profile as additional information. Users can directly edit the Pie Register profile information staying on the bbPress profile edit and it will automatically be updated on the Pie Register profile.

How to Use the bbPress Add-on with Pie Register

In this tutorial, we will show how you can use the bbPress add-on to display the Pie Register fields on the bbPress user profile.

If you are new to Pie Register, you may want to take a look at How to Install and Activate the Add-ons in Pie Register.


Step 1: Activating the bbPress Add-on for Pie Register

To use the bbPress add-on, you must first have the bbPress plugin for WordPress installed and activated on your website.

If you have bought Pie Register Premium version 3.6.3 or above, all features and add-ons will be part of the package and you can simply activate the bbPress add-on from the list of plugins. Then under the Help > Licence Tab, click the activate button.

Activate bbPress


Step 2: Select the Pie Register Fields You Want to Display on the bbPress Profile

From Pie Register > Manage Forms, edit an existing form or create a new one to connect with the bbPress profile.

Edit Registration Form

Edit the field you want to display on bbPress profile.

Edit PR Field

You will be able to see a dropdown Show in bbPress. Select Yes.

Show in bbPress dropdown

Save the Settings.

Note: The following Pie Register fields can be shown in the bbPress profile:

Standard fields: Text Field, Text Area, Drop Down, Multi-Select, Number, Checkbox, Radio Buttons

Advanced fields: Address, Date, Time, Phone, Profile Pic

When a user registers through Pie Register, the selected fields data is displayed on the bbPress profile under the Additional Information.

Pie Register field data

The user can directly edit the Pie Register profile information from the bbPress Profile Edit. The information will be directly updated on the Pie Register profile.



That’s how easy it is to use the bbPress add-on for Pie Register.

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