How to Make Registration Password Less

The Password field in Pie Register allows you to create a registration form in which users have to set their own login passwords if they register on your website.

Sometimes, setting up a strong password is a hassle. Password Less Registration allows your users to register without having to set their own passwords. Neat right?

This article will explain how to create a form with and without the Password field.

How to Add Password Field

To add the Password field you first need to create a form or edit an existing one.

If you are new to Pie Register, you may want to look at how to create your first registration form on Pie Register.

Once you are in the Form Editor, go to Default Fields.

To add the Password field to your form, tap on Password.

The Password field will now be visible in your form builder.

Tap on Save Settings and preview your form. Here is what it should look like.

Removing Password Field

Pie Register allows you to give your users the option not to set their own passwords.

Remove the Password field form from your builder, and hit save. Your form will now look like this.

User Email Notification

Once users fill the registration form and click submit, they will receive an automated email with the automated password.

The admin can customize the email content as per the need.

From the WordPress Admin Dashboard, navigate to Email Notifications > User Notification. 

The User Notification section has all the email templates that you can send to your users.

Click on the email template option, and a menu will show up for further customization.

We have edited the body of the ‘Your Account Is Ready’ email template for this tutorial. This is what the email editing menu looks like:

Adding Password Replacement Key

For Password Less Registration, you need to set an auto-generated password in the email body.

  • In your email editor, locate the Replacement Keys drop-down, shown in the image below.
  • Click on Replacement Keys and select User Password in the drop-down.

This adds an automatically generated password to your email text, as shown in the image.

Once you are done, do not forget to hit save!

This is the sample of an email that the user will receive.

Great! The user can now use this auto-generated password to login, without setting a password for themselves at the time of registration.

If you have any other queries, feel free to contact us!