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Stripe Recurring Addon

Stripe Recurring Addon

Charge potential users with a one-time membership payment using the Stripe Payment Add-on.

Stripe Recurring Addon

PayPal Subscriptions Addon

Charge potential users with recurring payments using the PayPal Subscriptions Add-on.

Stripe Addon

Stripe One-Time Payment

Charge potential users with a one-time membership payment using the Stripe Payment Add-on.

Authorize.net Addon

Authorize.net Payment Addon

Charge potential users with a one-time membership payment using the Authorize.net Payment Add-on.


WooCommerce Addon

 Add billing and shipping fields to Pie Register registration forms, or hide or show particular fields on checkout page.


MailChimp Addon

Add users directly to your MailChimp list on signup, and synchronize them with your MailChimp account.

Bulk email

Bulk Email Addon

Send email in bulk to all the registered users of a particular form at once using the Bulk Email Add-on.

Social Login Addon

Social Login Addon

Give your users the ability to sign up/sign in with their existing social media accounts without going through the whole registration process.

Field Visibility

Field Visibility Addon

Show or hide specific fields on the front-end registration forms or the user’s profile page.


bbPress Addon

Display Pie Register fields on the bbPress profile page and allow users to edit the fields directly.


Twilio Login Addon

Connect your Twilio account with Pie Register and add two-step authentication to your website for secure registrations.



Track user location on form submissions and design marketing strategies specifically for them.

Profile Searc Addon

Profile Search Addon

Allow users to search each other on your website to bring more user interaction using the Profile Search Add-on.

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This plugin does almost everything I need. It does even more with paid version. Even with my free version I got an excelent mail support from developers, really amazing I am testing it now, might upgrade later on. Very good!

@stefanocps on WordPress.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Pie Register?
Pie Register is perfect for membership websites, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and basically everyone else. If you want to create a custom registration form for your WordPress site, then you need to use Pie Register.
Do I need coding skills to use Pie Register?
Absolutely not. You can create and manage forms without any coding knowledge. Simply drag and drop the fields onto the form to quickly create full featured registration forms. Robust features help you create complex registration forms.
Is this a one-time payment plan?

Pie Register offers perpetual licensing – purchase once and use for a lifetime, no hassle or recurring periodic payments.

What does site license mean?

Site Licenses refer to the number of websites that can use our plugins. A valid and active license key is required in order to get automatic plugin updates and premium support.

Will I be able to charge my users?
With Pie Register’s integrated payment process you can charge your customer during registration. Pie Register enables you to quickly integrate payments into your registration form for a secure experience. Pie register supports PayPal (FREE), Stripe(PRO) and Authorize.net(PRO) payment methods.
How can I be protected from spammers?
Pie Register has built-in support for reCaptcha that prevents bots or spammers from getting registered. There are numerous other anti-spamming features in Pie Register that help you keep your registration process secure and spam free.
I don’t want my blog to be overcrowded? What to do?
You can use the Invitation Codes feature to block unwanted registrations. You can view the stats from its built-in Dashboard widget.
How can I prevent fake email addresses from registering?
You can enable Email Validation feature from Pie Register’ Settings page that will send an email with a unique verification link every time a user gets registered.
How can I embed the Login/registration forms on my Custom Page(s) or sidebar?

With the use of Shortcodes ([ pie_register_login ] & [ pie_register_form ]) and built-in widgets, Pie Register allows you to place your registration forms anywhere you want on the website.

How do I set up the Profile pages?

Pie-Register provides you with a shortcode ([ pie_register_profile ]) to display the profile page on the front end allowing your users to edit their profiles. Enjoy the liberty to insert the shortcode on any page or even on custom post types.

How do I embed Forgot password login into the theme or in custom pages?

You can embed Forgot password login into your theme and custom pages by inserting a simple shortcode ([ pie_register_forgot_password ]).