How to activate and use the Field Visibility Add-on

This tutorial will show you how to add and use the field visibility add-on.

What is Field Visibility Add-on, and How does it Work in Pie Register

The field visibility add-on enables you to display or hide specific fields while creating a front-end registration form. You can specify field visibility rules when configuring the registration from settings.

Activate the  Field Visibility Add-on for Pie Register

To use the Field Visibility Add-on, you need to have the Pie Register WordPress plugin installed and activated on your website. If you’re new to Pie Register, you should read How to Install and Activate in Pie Register.

Premium (Professional Plan) Users

If you are a Pie Register premium member, you can activate this add-on from the list of installed plugins.


Then, under the Help > Licence Tab, click the activate button to complete the process.

For Basic Users

If you have the Pie Register Basic version, you have to buy the field visibility add-on to use it. Simply choose the add-on from the list of plugins, and then under the Help > License Tab, add the License key and Email address. Hit the Activate button.

Buy the addon first

Field Visibility Add-On Features

With the Field Visibility add-on, you may display or hide specific fields on the front-end registration form or the User’s Profile page.

Enable Read Only

Administrators can also set fields to Read-only on the registration form, the profile page, or both to prevent users from editing the information once they have filled it out. Press the save button to store the settings.

The following fields are subject to field visibility settings:

Email, Name, Text field, Text Area, Dropdown, Multiselect, Number, Checkbox, Radio Buttons, HTML Script, Section Break, Address, Date, Time, Phone, Upload File, Profile Picture, List, and Two-step Login via SMS (Twilio).

That’s all it takes to activate and use the Pie Register Field Visibility Add-on!

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