With Pie Register, you can create custom email templates for both the Admin and the Users to send Emails for better communication. It comes with built-in templates for all the major registration procedures to keep your website user connected and updated.

By default, there is one email template under the Admin Notification tab. Pie Register allows you to create different email templates for various registration forms. The User notification tab has 15 pre-designed templates, which can be customized. You can also add replacement tags for the user’s information in the email to make the email seem more personalized.

Key Features

  • Customized notification email messages to the Admin and the website users.
  • Use replacement keys/tags for user information on the email message.
  • 15 Pre-designed templates for sending user notifications.
  • Design unique admin notification emails for various registration forms. [Premium]

Custom Registration Form

Create online registration forms in minutes, no coding, zero hassle...

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