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2019-04-25 22:55:39
Custom Email Notification Templates

Custom Email Notification Templates

Control user communication exactly to your liking. Use custom Email Notification templates to say it like you want to.

It is always important to make sure you can send notification emails to your users in case something that sparks their interest pops up. With Pie Register you can send customised emails to the users to notify them of upcoming or recent events/posts.

You can also add replacement tags for the user’s information in the email to make the email seem a bit more personal and thus attract more people to come check out the event/posts that may have spurred the email.

Having a certain email template for users or admins would make sending mass email blasts a lot easier which is why through Pie Register you can design these templates and make your job a breeze!

Key Features

  • Customized notification email messages to the website users.
  • Use replacement keys/tags for user information on the email message.
  • Design admin notification or user notification’s email templates.