How to Create Custom User Roles

Custom User Roles allow you to customize the access privileges to users based on your organization’s specific needs.

After creating a Custom User Role – you can assign it to one or more of your users sharing common characteristics. The default WordPress user roles are capable of working for most WordPress websites. But for specific needs, you need a custom user role for your website.

With Pie Register, you can create as many custom user roles as you can and add them to the dropdown of your Registration form.

This tutorial will show you how to create a custom user role using Pie Register.

If you are new to Pie Register, here is our guide to help you Install and Activate the Pie Register plugin.

STEP 1: How To Add a New Custom Role

  • Login into the WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • Go to Pie Register > User Role
  • The admin can create the Role Key, User Role Name and authorize the permissions for the role based on the WordPress user roles.
    create custom user role
  • Make sure to click the ‘Add Role’ button to save the user role.

Step 2: How To Add User Role dropdown in Registration Form

  • From Pie Register > Manage Forms, edit an existing form or create a new one to add user role dropdown.CustomUserRoles - add to the form
  • From the advanced fields, select the Custom user role field.CustomUserRoles - field
  • Edit the field and add as many user roles you want to add in the dropdown.CustomUserRoles-display value
  • Save the settings.

We hope this tutorial was helpful. For further queries, feel free to contact us, and our Support team will be there for you. You may want to look at How to Set-up Role Based Redirection Using Pie Register.