Pie Register gives you the ability to verify and moderate the signups coming in via your website, this feature can help you stiff through all the user registrations and you can allow or block people as per your requirements.

You can protect your websites from fake sign ups and bots by asking users to verify their email addresses by sending them a timed verification link. You can also send signup invitations to your past users or prospects which is another way of keeping your content exclusive.

Pie Register also lets you set a “grace period”, an amount of time in which the users account must be verified via email or approved by the admin and if they are not approved in that time the account is terminated.

It is common knowledge that people tend to change email addresses and if it so happens that a certain user decides to change the email address associated with its account on your website you can set up a process in which a verification email will also be sent to the new email address to make sure it’s correct. Along with that the request can also be authenticated by sending an email to the old address to verify the new one!

Key Features

  • Set Grace Period – this is the amount of time within which the users must be verified by the admin and/or email address verification. User Ids that are not verified within the grace period are deleted.
  • Setup Email Address Change Verification. Authenticate request by sending an email to old address + verify new address.
  • Unverified users can not log in using the WP-login page before verification.
  • Setup user verification by Admin Approval, Verify Email Address, or Admin Approval AND Verify Email Address. [Premium]

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