Pie Register helps you create registration forms in minutes with a simple drag and drop form builder. No coding required. You can build simple to the most robust forms and registration flows using the various form fields and UI controls. Customize the registration process using the many add-ons included with the premium version to make your website exclusive, spam-free, and secure.

Best of all Pie Register offers perpetual licensing – purchase once and use forever.

Here are 4 Reasons to Choose Pie Register for your Website

Invitation based registrations for exclusive websites

Do you have an exclusive website? Invitation Codes help you restrict user registration based on invites. You can send invitational emails from within the plugin to users you’d like to see on your site. Use invitation codes to protect your site from fake registrations, help refine the user base, and strengthen your website’s security.

Admin can set up multiple codes with an Expiration date.

Invitation based registrations
paypal, stripe, authorize.net- payment methods

Payment Collection Made Easier through Registration Forms

Pie Register allows you to collect payment from users at registration time. Use the Paypal standard payment gateway, or use Stripe and Authorize.net from our premium add-on collection.

Use Custom Email Notification to keep your users in the loop with the
payment process, and other account activities.

No More Spam with the Secure Form Fields

Use ReCaptcha, Math Captcha, and Honey Pot in the forms to prevent spam, trolls, and bots. Block them based on IP addresses, subnets, domain, email address, and even and their username patterns.

 No More Spam by using ReCaptcha, Math Captcha, and Honey Pot
Address, Phone Number, Profile Picture and File Upload, Terms and Condition

Advanced Form Fields

Drag and drop to use simple fields to capture personal information like Address, Phone Number and so on, or more robust fields like Profile Picture and File Upload, to the Terms and Condition. Pie register has over 30 different fields to choose from.

I needed some functionality that was not included in the out- of -the – box version of the plugin. I tried to code it myself and ran into some bumps. I contacted the support crew, and they helped me resolve it in great detail! The free version of the plugin is so rich in features, but the quality of support is enough for me to upgrade to the paid version, knowing that I’m getting full value for my money.

@chuksezeilo on WordPress.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Use Pie Register?

Pie Register is perfect for membership websites, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers and basically anyone. If you want to create a custom registration form for your WordPress site, you should use Pie Register.

Do I need coding skills to use Pie Register?

Absolutely not. You can create and manage forms without any coding knowledge. Simply drag and drop the fields onto the form to quickly create complete registration forms. Robust features help you create complex registration forms.

Is this a one-time payment plan?

Pie Register offers perpetual licenses - buy once and use for a lifetime, no hassles or recurring recurring payments.

What does site license mean?

Site licenses refer to the number of websites that can use our plugins. A valid and active license key is required to get automatic plugin updates and premium support.

Can I charge my users?

Pie Register's integrated payment process allows you to invoice your customer during registration. Pie Register allows you to quickly integrate payments into your registration form for a secure experience. Pie registry supports PayPal (FREE), Stripe(PRO) and Authorize.net(PRO) payment methods.

How can I be protected from spammers?

Pie Register has built-in support for reCaptcha that prevents bots or spammers from registering. There are plenty of other anti-spamming features in Pie Register that help keep your registration process safe and spam-free.

I don't want my blog to get too crowded? What must we do?

You can use the Invite Codes feature to block unwanted registrations. You can view the statistics through the built-in Dashboard widget.

How can I prevent fake email addresses from registering?

You can enable the Email Validation feature from Pie Register's settings page, which sends an email with a unique verification link each time a user registers.

How do I embed the login/registration forms on my custom page(s) or sidebar?

Using Shortcodes ([ pie_register_login ] & [ pie_register_form ]) and built-in widgets, Pie Register allows you to access your registration forms anywhere on the website places.

How do I set up the profile pages?

Pie-Register provides you with a shortcode ([ pie_register_profile ]) to display the profile page on the front-end, allowing your users to edit their profiles. Enjoy the freedom to insert the shortcode on any page or even on custom post types.

How do I login forgot password in the theme or embed in custom pages?

You can Forgot Password log into your theme and embed custom pages by inserting a simple shortcode ([ pie_register_forgot_password ]).