WordPress Registration Plugin

Create User Registration forms in minutes, no coding, zero hassle…

WordPress Registration Plugin
  • Unlimited Registration Forms
  • Role-based Redirection
  • Content Restriction
  • Twilio 2-step authentication
  • Conditional Logic
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Verify & Moderate Registrations
  • IP blacklisting
  • Invitation Codes
  • MailChimp integration

Best of all Pie Register offers perpetual licensing – purchase once and use for a lifetime, no hassle or recurring periodic payments.

Some Features & Addons

Genetech Solutions proudly launches Pie-Register! Pie Register is a WordPress registration plugin for WordPress

Creating user registration forms for WordPress websites has never been this easy! Simply drag and drop fields to easily create impressive user registration forms through WordPress registration plugin.

Create User Registration Forms in minutes

WordPress Registration Plugin


Use advance CAPTCHA, time-sensitive submission, two-step authentication, IP based tracking to customize registration form and login security.


Multiple and Unlimited registration forms

Drag and drop fields to create unlimited registration forms. Use custom fields and conditional logic to create your own registration forms.


Total Admin Control

Want a selective and authentic user base? Use invitation codes, built-in verification and moderation process to validate users. Set grace period and role-based redirection to guide users through the process.


Collect payments from registered users

Get paid for your content by using PayPal, Stripe or authorize.net to collect membership fees at registration time.


Plans & Pricing

Pie Register WordPress Registration Plugin offers perpetual licensing – purchase once and use for a lifetime, no hassle or recurring periodic payments


Community Version

$ 0.00

1 Site / License

One time purchase


5 Site / License

One time purchase


10 Site / License

One time purchase



The only registration form you need. It’s the only registration form that did what I was looking for. Able to include iframes, pull downs and paginate the questions.


muy bueno. perfecto

mito cba

I tried a number of other plugins before but none of them was as easy to use and as comprehensive as this one. The functionality is great and it works very well.


It is a really powerful and functional plugin in registration and all the add-on with it. Super knowledgeable team and the best communication ever. They listen to clients and improve it so fast.


If you are building a community and want your website to take memberships, then this plugin is for you! The Pro features are really helpful, and third-party integrations such as MailChimp only require a few clicks and work without a glitch! The documentation is helpful and user-friendly too!


Thank you very much for your perfect plugin. you solved a lot of my problem. Thanks in Advance


My save my time. very wonderful plugin


There is great support forum of developer’s website!.


I love this plugin, it does exactly what it says and it’s very simple.


This plugin does exactly what I expected from him! I saw many 1-star-reviews, and I think that if you are not a developer and you are looking for a one-click-no-read-magic-wand plugin, just stay away from reviews panel: the plugin is working very well, you’re not.


Solid plugin, easy to install/use and good support. You can use it to create forms, email marketing and receiving subscription payments.


it is easy to customize and works good. Although it is free, they even offer a good support. A minor down side is that after an update you have to reload your language file, but thats ok.


After testing some other plugins, pieregister worked as we need. And great support for their part.


It is so well designed that I won’t even will think of using any other plugin than Pie Register!! It provides great features other than creating form for user data collection. Form create, edit and preview with drag and drop options are amazing! hats off to the team!