How to use Stripe Recurring Addon

With the Stripe Recurring add-on, users can select either a one-time payment option or a recurring payment option. To set up the Stripe addon, Go to Pie Register > Payment Gateways > Stripe.


When a user selects recurring payment, recurring payment settings will be displayed on the page.

enable stripe recurring payments

Read more about how to set up stripe payment gateways here.

Recurring Payment Settings:

When you enable recurring payment, you can configure the following settings.

  1. Users can select any recurring payment periods, i.e., daily/weekly/monthly/yearly, and the subscription will be activated.
  2. Users will be marked as Inactive upon canceling their subscriptions.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Upon successful registration of recurring payments, the subscription will be automatically activated. The user will get an email notification upon successful subscription of the recurring payment. If any user cancels their subscription, an email notification will be sent to their accounts and the administrator. Go to Pie Register > Email notifications to activate the template.

Activate Notifications

Email Notifications

User Notifications Activated

To view payment details, users can log in with their registered account and then click View Payments.

View Subscriptions

Users can view their completed and upcoming payment details.


Additionally, Users can discontinue their subscription by clicking on Cancel Subscription, and they will get an email notification.

Note: if the admin has also enabled the template to cancel subscriptions, the admin will also receive an email notification for each subscription cancellation.

Cancel Subscription

When the users click on cancel subscription, a message will be generated on their screen.

Subscription Cancelled

Payment log:

  • To open the payment log, Go to Payment Gateways > Payment Log.

Note: You can only view the one-time payment in the Payment Log.

  • To view subscription-related payments, Go to Pie Register > Payment Gateways  > View Subscriptions.

View Subscriptions


That’s how easy it is to use the Stripe Recurring Addon for Pie Register.

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