Pie Register comes with WordPress Shortcodes which speeds up the integration of registration forms. You can set up the registration process quickly by using the Shortcodes provided with each registration form.


Access Shortcodes from Manage Forms

The following are the steps to use registration form Shortcodes.

  • Login to your blog/site and go to your dashboard.
  • In the dashboard’s menu, click on Pie Register > Manage Forms.
  • The Shortcodes are located in the Registration forms table under the Shortcode column.


Access Shortcodes from Help

All Pie Register Shortcodes can also be accessed from Dashboard > Pie Register > Help > Shortcodes. With the use of these shortcodes, you can embed Pie-Register forms into your Custom Pages, Posts, and Widgets.


Basic Shortcodes

Here are some basic form shortcodes that you can embed:

  • For login form use: [[pie_register_login]]
  • For Registration form use: [[pie_register_form]]
  • For forgot password form use: [[pie_register_forgot_password]]
  • For profile page use: [[pie_register_profile]]


Addons Shortcode:
  • For social login use : [[pie_register_social_login]]
  • For Profile Search use: [[pie_register_search_profile_result]]