2018 was a turbulent year for the online services industry. The introduction of GDPR and data leaks for several major businesses including giants like Facebook, Google and T-Mobile have led to ever-increasing needs for secure membership registrations services that respect user privacy.

Genetech Solutions is proud to have directly addressed these needs through continuous improvement on its Pie Register plugin for WordPress. This builds on years of development to continuously improve the plugin, which was launched in 2010, as user needs evolve in response to perpetually increasing security needs and evolving regulatory landscapes.

Pie Register is an easy-to-use member registration plugin that requires no coding to set up. The plug-in uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that lets you create new forms in minutes, but also has all the functionality needed for more sophisticated membership services for more complicated websites.

These features include conditional logic, content-restriction capabilities, and payment services. The plugin makes it possible to augment your WordPress site with membership capabilities in as little time as possible.

Additionally, extensive support is available for the plugin to ensure the plugin works seamlessly for you. The plugin is also fully compatible with all device types – desktop, mobile, and everything in between.

More features added to Pie Register in 2018 as part of its continuous development of the plugin. This includes the addition of two new payment gateway add-ons in addition to PayPal: Stripe and Authorize.net. These additions give greater flexibility to users to use whichever payment gateways they are most comfortable with.

Through custom email template functionality, Pie Register makes it easy to notify your users what data on them you will be collecting and how that data will be used, which is at the core of GDPR compliance. Several security fixes were made over 2018 to ensure exactly this and is committed to continuous security improvements to Pie Register going forward.

Pie Register hit several major milestones over the past year.  The plugin exceeded 8,000 active installs with hundreds of thousands of downloads. User satisfaction is strong; Pie Register has over 100 reviews on WordPress.org with a four-star average.

Given how the plugin has grown in recent years, both in terms of the number of users and the functionality the plugin offers, we made support for the plugin stronger and more accessible to ensure you can make the most of it.

This is our commitment to keep the plugin easy to use while having all the powerful features needed to allow you to do exactly what you want with your website’s membership services.

To this end, we improved Pie Register’s Admin User Interface in 2018 and has planned major update to the plugin’s overall User Interface for 2019.

Introducing New Features and Addons


Geo Location Feature

Alongside this interface overhaul, we will be adding geolocation functionality to the plugin. This will be a major boon for websites hoping to provide location-specific content and services.Geolocaion feature

Email Marketing Addons

Pie Register will also be getting more email marketing add-ons this year. The combination of these last two is especially powerful – imagine tailoring the emails you send to your website’s member based on their location.Email Marketing Addon

Recurring Payment Option for Membership Fees

We will also be adding recurring payment options for membership fees. This will give you greater power over how you charge for membership on your website, including giving your website’s member different options for what payment plans they use.Recurring Payment Option


These exciting changes and more are planned for 2019, in addition to continuous security improvements to the plugin. If you have any suggestions regarding plugin features, do fill our suggestion form.

2019 is poised to be as tumultuous of a year as 2018 was, but Pie Register team is looking forward to it with optimism. As the team works on exciting and powerful new features, it will continue tackling the challenges the new year will bring, whether they be new security concerns, more changes to regulations, or entirely new issues.

With continuing development and support, Pie Register will keep growing it user base, its functionality, and, most importantly, user satisfaction.

2019, here we come!