Certain content on your website may not be for everyone, that’s why Pie Register gives you the ability to restrict content based on the user roles or their logged in status. You can restrict access to certain content, pages or posts because some of them can only be for paid or registered members or for admins only, thus they will be the only users who can see them.

What if a user clicks on a link that isn’t meant for their eyes? Well then the interaction could go one of two ways depending on your choice. Either the content is blocked and a message is shown to said user or the page is redirected to one of your selected pages. Simple as that.

With Pie Register Pro you can go even further and block the content from search engines, which means even having control on how many people know about it being on your website. Giving you that extra layer of security.

Key Features

  • Restrict access to content, pages, posts based on user roles or logged in status.
  • Restriction types: Block content and show message OR Redirect user to another page or URL.
  • Block content for the search engine. [Premium]

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