Websites are created to convert your visitors into prospective customers, share valuable information with your readers, or both. Individuals and business owners make websites public to drive more traffic and grab the users’ attention.

But not everything is meant to be public! There may be certain pages or posts on your website that you want to keep private for several reasons.

Let’s explore a couple of situations that require an exclusive and private website.

Reasons to Keep Your Website Exclusive

Exclusive websites can be helpful when:

  • You want to create your personal blog space, where you can write your thoughts and share them with a limited number of like-minded people.
  • Your company has some confidential information and content that is only for the employees.
  • You have a website for a school or an organisation that has premium course content.
  • You want to create a family space to share your pictures and other stuff away from the eyes of the public.
  • Or simply because you want a safe platform where users register, create their profile without sacrificing the security of your website.

The question is: What is the easiest way to make your WordPress website exclusive and spam-free?

The answer for us is simple, A User Registration Form Plugin with the right set of features!

Without a user registration form on your WordPress website, you cannot do much to stay exclusive.

6 Must-Have Features to Make Your WordPress Website Exclusive and Spam-Free

There are dozens of WordPress plugins with loaded features and functionalities that will help you create user registration forms in minutes. But you can not just choose any plugin randomly!

There are certain things to consider when we talk about making an exclusive WordPress website using a registration form plugin.

Here, we have listed the Six Essential Features that are a must-have to ensure you have a spam-free and private site.

  1. Role-Based Redirections and Content Restrictions
  2. Invitation Codes for Exclusive Invites
  3. Spam-Free Features for a Secure Space
  4. Verify and Moderate the User Registration Process
  5. Payments Gateway Integrations for Premium Users
  6. Custom Email Templates

1. Role-Based Redirection and Content Restrictions

WordPress has specific user roles. Each role has a different level of access and permissions. When a new user registers, he is assigned one of the roles and has access accordingly.

Therefore, Role-based redirection is one of the most important features you should look for in a registration form plugin. With this feature, you can redirect the registered user according to the user role and keep them away from your internal WordPress pages.

Content restriction is also essential in cases where you have premium or confidential content on your website. If a user role with lesser permissions or a non-logged-in user lands on the restricted page, your website security might be at risk!

2. Invitation Codes for Exclusive Websites

What would you do if you want only a selected bunch of people to register on your website? You send them Invite Codes!

Yes, this is one of those features that sound a slight premium and can guarantee your website’s exclusivity. With the help of invitation codes, you will send emails to selected people you want to invite to your website. In this way, only the people who receive the code will register, keeping your WordPress website a safe space.

3. Spam-Free Features for a Secure Space

Of course, all the registration form plugins have basic security features to keep away spam and bots. But what we need for an exclusive and secure website is above the basics!

Features like Captcha, Math Captcha, hCaptcha, HoneyPot, and Block Users, along with Custom login security and Timed form submissions, are a few to name that would ensure a secure registration process.

Remember, the safer the registration process, the fewer chances to have your WordPress website at risk.

4. Verify and Moderate the User Registration Process

Even with all the spam-free features and security checks, there is a chance that your WordPress website will become a hub for spammers and unwanted users.

Verification and moderation are must-have features to ensure that only authentic users are becoming part of your website. Once a user registers, they will not be able to access your website unless the admin verifies.

It sounds like a solid yet invisible firewall!

5. Payment Gateway Integrations for Premium Content

Does your website have premium content for specific users? Or you want to collect membership fees from your users to give them access to your website at the time of sign-up?

A registration form plugin with multiple payment gateway options will make the payment collection easier for you. All you will have to do is connect your website with the selected payment gateway and enjoy the money rolling into your account!

6. Custom Email Templates

You might think this is a bit old-school, but a user, as well as an admin, needs to stay up-to-date and connected.

Custom email notification templates will allow you to keep your users in the loop throughout the registration process. Be it the welcome email or the payment confirmation email, a personalized email will strengthen your communication and make your user feel attached. After all, that is what exclusive websites are for! 🙂

A User Registration Plugin With All the Above Features and More:

Not bragging, Pie Register is one of the best choices when it comes to making your WordPress website exclusive and spam-free. It has all the above-stated features and so much more.

All we can say is: You won’t know unless you give it a try! 😉

Wrapping Up

Having a private WordPress website may sound a little weird to a few since the concept has always been to share information publicly through this platform. But with the sudden shift in the overall world, having an exclusive and secure virtual space is comforting and a need of the hour.

Using the suitable registration form plugin will make the process easier and hassle-free for you, and you can still be out there with like-minded people, sharing your thoughts, enjoying your safe bubble.

Did you enjoy this read? Let us know what you would like to read next from us! We love your feedback.