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    AvatarJon Moody

    Hi, I’ve managed to code a workaround to redirect a user directly to the edit profile page after logging in.

    I have set the After Sign-In page to point to a page just containing the following HTML redirect code:

    <meta http-equiv=”Refresh” content=”0; URL=http://mywebsite.com/?page_id=196&edit_user=1″)

    Obviously, the page_id needs to be changed to the page holding the piereg profile page shortcut [pie_register_profile]

    This will do for me until the plugin is modified to allow a user to go directly to the edit profile page

    in reply to: Username / Password #10002924
    AvatarJon Moody

    I’m using PIE Register to gather data (email addresses) from customers of my business. I have populated the database with the necessary data and set PIE to redirect a user to the profile page when they login.

    They can then click on the pencil to update their profile with any details missing from my records. I have modified the base.php and edit_form.php files in the classes directory to remove the password fields from the profile form as follows (using PIE register version 2.0.14)


    deleted line 938 – case ‘password’:
    added new lines for for case ‘password’ after break at line 955…

    case ‘password’:
    $profile_fields_data .= ‘<div class=”fieldset”>’;

    commented out line 976 (975 in original code)

    //$profile_fields_data .= $this->addPassword();


    Modified line 373 – removed text ‘Password’ from label…
    before – $fields[2][‘label’] = ($current_fields[2][‘label’])?$current_fields[2][‘label’]:__(“Password”,”piereg”);
    after – $fields[2][‘label’] = ($current_fields[2][‘label’])?$current_fields[2][‘label’]:__(“”,”piereg”);

    Modified line 582 – deleted ‘Password’ from ‘value=”Password”‘ at column 475

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)