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    “change password” for the registered user is supposed to display the profile so they can change their password. If you use the pencil on that page, it displays correctly. but that is an extra click. I am missing something here? I just have the [pie_register_profile] on that page.
    This is how the page is supposed to display:
    with the short code I am only getting this:



    I am using wordpress 4.0, is that what could be causing the problem? everything else is working like a charm!!!


    Pie Register


    Yes, this shortcode displays user profile, Edit Profile link also given
    on this page to edit/modify Profile. I am afraid there is no direct
    “Edit Profile Page” shortcode at the moment, perhaps we will add this
    feature in our future release!



    Will Shaman

    Mohsin, there ISN’T an “Edit Profile” link shown on that page, nor is there on the profile page I’m building on my site.

    The profile page is pretty useless unless users can edit their details – especially their password!

    This important missing functionality makes me want to look for another, better plugin. Which is sad, because otherwise Pie Register is pretty good. :0(


    Jon Moody

    Hi, I’ve managed to code a workaround to redirect a user directly to the edit profile page after logging in.

    I have set the After Sign-In page to point to a page just containing the following HTML redirect code:

    <meta http-equiv=”Refresh” content=”0; URL=″)

    Obviously, the page_id needs to be changed to the page holding the piereg profile page shortcut [pie_register_profile]

    This will do for me until the plugin is modified to allow a user to go directly to the edit profile page

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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