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    Is there any way around having to include the username / pwd? I think I get it, logically, that it might need to exist for submitting entries into the DB, but I really have no use for it and otherwise am a fan of the plugin.

    Pie Register

    Haven’t try that but you may try to
    1.) Make those field hidden
    2.) Populate with jquery


    Will Shaman

    First off, thanks for a good plugin that’s mostly very easy to configure.

    I’m trying to set up a form that doesn’t include password fields. I want it small and compact, so I would prefer Pie Register to create an automatic password and post it to the new registrant. Is that possible?

    Thanks in advance.


    Jon Moody

    I’m using PIE Register to gather data (email addresses) from customers of my business. I have populated the database with the necessary data and set PIE to redirect a user to the profile page when they login.

    They can then click on the pencil to update their profile with any details missing from my records. I have modified the base.php and edit_form.php files in the classes directory to remove the password fields from the profile form as follows (using PIE register version 2.0.14)


    deleted line 938 – case ‘password’:
    added new lines for for case ‘password’ after break at line 955…

    case ‘password’:
    $profile_fields_data .= ‘<div class=”fieldset”>’;

    commented out line 976 (975 in original code)

    //$profile_fields_data .= $this->addPassword();


    Modified line 373 – removed text ‘Password’ from label…
    before – $fields[2][‘label’] = ($current_fields[2][‘label’])?$current_fields[2][‘label’]:__(“Password”,”piereg”);
    after – $fields[2][‘label’] = ($current_fields[2][‘label’])?$current_fields[2][‘label’]:__(“”,”piereg”);

    Modified line 582 – deleted ‘Password’ from ‘value=”Password”‘ at column 475

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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