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Remember back in the days when we would tune into the radio to listen to our favorite shows that would be on air just once and not repeat?

Well, welcome back to the old times with an upgraded twist, Podcast!

Introduction to Podcast

Podcasts or you may call them the modern radio, are a set of digital audio files available on the internet to listen, entertain, or inform the listeners, often focusing on a particular topic or theme.

A podcast is a combination of Pod from Apple’s iPod, while Cast is taken from the radio term, Broadcast.

The busy schedules and challenging routines have urged people to look for ways to multitask. With Podcasts, one can now listen to their favorite shows and topics, anywhere, anytime, on the go.

What Benefits Do You Get By Adding Podcasts on Your Website?

Online marketing is all about adding to sales and building strong customer relationships. But there is something more important than that; a personal level of connection with your users.

By adding Podcasts to your website, you will boost your business and add to your customer’s experience.

Consider the following benefits as only a scoop from an ice cream tub, indulge, and devour.

  1. Affordable and Easy to Create
  2. Generates Web Traffic and Keeps the User Engaged
  3. Connects You With Your Audience


1. Affordable and Easy to Create:

Podcasting is a cheap and affordable means of marketing. You don’t need to invest much to begin your first podcast.

Also, no high-end equipment is required to record a podcast episode if you are a beginner. A good quality microphone and a pair of headphones would do the job just correctly.

2. Generates Web Traffic and Keeps the User Engaged:

Whether you are invited as a guest on a podcast or create your own, there is almost always a back-link in the ‘show notes,’ directing the listener to your website. Such an easy way to connect podcasts to your products and services, generating organic web traffic!

A Podcast is a kind of audio blog. Adding a podcast directly on your website will make the user stay longer on your page to listen. It also helps elevate your website ranking on Google since the Dwell time metric monitors your page’s duration on your page by different users.

Moreover, you can easily publish your podcasts on popular video streaming platforms like Youtube and take advantage of Youtube’s massive audience.

3. Connects You With Your Audience:

According to research, 50% of all US homes are podcast fans. That is a vast stats.

It’s not always about selling but talking about what your users want to listen to. Podcasts help your brand make a heart to heart connection between you and the listener. It builds customer relationships and enables you to connect on a very intimate level.

It develops a sense of bonding, credibility, and brand recognition.

If you are still not convinced about what you are missing out on without podcasts, this will undoubtedly make you change your mind.

Does Adding Podcast Affect Your Google SERP’s?

In 2019, the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai announced Podcasts’ inclusion in Google Search results. It came as big news to all the marketers and business owners.

We all know how frequently Google keeps on changing its SEO trends, and it is hard to keep up with all of them. But this was big. The announcement has made all the leading companies add podcasts to their marketing strategy.

Google even launched its Podcast app: Google Podcast, a year before they made this announcement!

Also, Google has recently started to decipher podcast episodes as a means of MetaData. That is some severe advancement in terms of the SEO challenges.

Podcast now seems to be a must-have addition to your websites if you plan to stay atop in the Google SERP’s.

Enough said, let’s get to business!

Top 5 Podcast Plugins for Your WordPress Websites:

We already know that WordPress is one of the best CMS for almost everything. You are here because you want to know what plugins should you consider for Podcasting.

From thousands of plugins available, we have compiled here the list of the five best Podcast plugins that you can consider. These plugins will help you integrate the regular podcasting platforms such as iTunes and Google Podcasts and create new podcasts directly on your website.

Here is the list.

  1. PowerPress by Blubrry
  2. Seriously Simple Podcasting
  3. Simple Podcast Press
  4. LibSyn
  5. Buzzsprout Podcasting


1. PowerPress by Blubrry

PowerPress Podcasting

It is the most straightforward plugin created by the podcasters for podcasters.

PowerPress offers a simple Free model for beginners to help you get familiar with the interface. You can switch to advanced mode once you feel ready to step up your game as a professional.

The plugin has plenty of features like multiple audio/video player options, sidebar widgets, Media statistics, Podcasting SEO, and multi-language support.

Key Features:

  • Simple and advanced mode
  • Fully supports all Podcast distribution destinations like Apple (previously iTunes), Google, Spotify, Pandora, etc.
  • Podcasting SEO
  • Integrated HTML5 media player supporting YouTube embeds and more.
  • Media Statistics from your WordPress dashboard
  • Integrated subscribe tools.
  • Migration and Import tools


The basic plugin Is Free. For the integrated podcast hosting, the pricing plan starts at $12 per month for a 100MB monthly storage.

2. Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting by Castos is an easy-to-use plugin for WordPress. As the name suggests, it is relatively simple, with minimal settings keeping you away from distractions and help you get the podcasts up and running in no time.

The plugin lets you run multiple podcasts from the same WordPress site, with unique RSS feeds and is highly configurable.

Key Features:

  • Supports both audio and video podcasts.
  • Beautifully designed Media player, including the podcast cover image.
  • Supports almost all the major podcast platforms, including iTunes and Google Podcast.
  • Options to add shortcodes and widgets for displaying the list of podcasts, single episode or archive, anywhere on the site
  • Has a growing library of free add-ons.


Seriously Simple Podcasting is a Free plugin. You have to pay the price only if you want unlimited storage. The pricing plan starts at $19/month.

3. Simple Podcast Press:

Simple Podcast Press

Simple Podcast Press is a relatively simple WordPress plugin.

Just install the plugin, add your iTunes URL, and that’s it. Within seconds, it will automatically create unique single pages for each of your podcast episodes, along with a responsive player, adding full description and images from your podcast feed. Amazing!

Its customizable buttons, automatic URL shortener, and clickable timestamps are a few of the most prominent features, making it an excellent choice for showcasing podcasts on your website.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with almost all the major podcast platforms, including iTunes, SoundCloud, PodBean, and more
  • Automatic URL shortener
  • Customizable buttons
  • One-click easy social sharing
  • Automatically detected clickable timestamps for a better listening experience.
  • Clutter-free display of transcripts that are collapsible


The pricing plan for Simple Podcast Press starts with $67 for a single site.

4. LibSyn:

Libsyn Publisher Hub

Libsyn Podcasting is a popular service for podcasting in the market, including the Libsyn podcast hosting and the Libsyn Podcasting plugin.

Although the Libsyn subscribers can only use the plugin, it is still a desirable solution among other WordPress podcast plugins in its Beta version.

Just connect your WordPress website to your Libsyn account, and you are all set to start publishing. The best part is, all the episodes you post are stored on your Libsyn account, keeping your WordPress hosting space free.

Key Features:

  • HTML5 compatible media player
  • Create new episodes or save drafts for later publishing.
  • External cloud hosting
  • Apple podcast optimization tags
  • Automated feed migration
  • Advance scheduling of the podcast to be published on WordPress


The pricing plan for Libsyn WordPress Podcast plugins starts at $5/month for 50MB.

5. Buzzsprout Podcasting:

Buzzsprout Podcasting

Buzzsprout is a well-known podcast plugin that offers complete podcast service, including hosting and promotion.

It is a premium solution with features like iTunes support, statistics, HTML 5 players, and many more. You can easily integrate Podcast episodes from

Buzzsprout to your WordPress website with it.

Buzzsprout is an ideal plugin for those who plan to podcast in moderation. It offers a 90-day free trial to check if the plugin suits your requirements well.

Key Features:

  • Easy and simple user interface
  • External hosting
  • HTML5 and Flash audio players
  • Migration tools with full control over your RSS feeds
  • View stats for your podcast episodes
  • Lets you sync episodes with almost all podcast platforms like iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.
  • Podcast shortcodes to add podcasts anywhere on your WordPress site


Buzzsprout is Free for up to 2 hours/month of audio. The pricing starts at $12/month for 3hours of audio.


Podcasting is undoubtedly gaining a lot of popularity. They are versatile, informative, and powerful. With so many hosting platforms and plugins available, you can now aim for greater brand visibility and audience reach.

We hope that the article has convinced you to add Podcasts to your marketing strategy. Just pick up a suitable plugin from the list and start right away.

Please take a look at our blog to know about the Best WordPress Plugins for Selling Digital Products.

Are you using any other platform or plugin for Podcasting that has helped you grow? Please share with us in the comments section below. We love hearing back from you. 🙂