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New Features

Pie Register launching New Features

Form Locker Now, you can limit the number of registered users on a particular form by defining total number of submissions or adding form submission end date. Notifications We are adding Notifications Global settings and form individual settings. Profile Connect It will connect default users registered via WordPress registration form or any other form plugin […]

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5 best Email Marketing WordPress plugins of 2019

5 Best Email Marketing (with Free options) WordPress plugin in 2019

In the rapidly advancing digital age with hundreds of options, keeping your audience’s attention or even alerting them to your blog or site’s continued existence and updates can be a chore. Constant reminders have to be sent to your audience to make sure that they are up to date on all the newest developments in […]

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8 benefits of custom user registration forms in WordPress

8 benefits of custom user registration form in WordPress

The registration forms are used by many WordPress websites to register new users and we know that WordPress already offers a default registration form for user registrations. However, the changing requirements of the website/business owner have raised the need for customizing the registration forms. In this blog post, we will reveal the 8 benefits of […]

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User Registration Form

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