I think we can all agree that WordPress is approaching the level of necessity, for a quality website, that can not be overlooked and soon, replicated to the degree of simplicity and smoothness the users have come to expect of the software.

But the fact to realise here is that a website can not be top-notch with simply WordPress alone the same way a football team can’t simply have one outstanding player.

The entire team needs to contribute in their own special way to get to the goal and the same way we want to make sure that you have the tools needed to make your website reach the goal that you had in mind.

One such tool that pairs with WordPress to take your website to the next level is a Managed WordPress Hosting.

But what is Managed WordPress hosting and why do you need it?

To put it in layman’s terms, it is a service that watches over your WordPress website and fulfills it’s day-to-day management and sustenance such as installing and updating the necessary software to keep the site running in tip-top shape as well as automatically configuring the settings for the site to be able to achieve the highest quality performance possible for it.

Such a service is the best option for website owners with little to no technical knowledge when it comes to the complexities of WordPress and how to best use it to their advantage.

All of this maintenance is handled by the web-hosting company personally and a support team is almost always available around the clock to help with and troubleshoot the problems you may run into while managing the website yourself.

Obviously such services have both their advantages and disadvantages, such as the fact that managed WordPress hosting may be faster and more secure compared to other hosting services and provides you with an expert support team to help you with your technical problems but it is more expensive when compared to shared web hosts and you will only be able to host WordPress based websites and no others, not even HTML sites.

What to consider before choosing your hosting provider…

Now there are plenty of properties that factor in when looking for a Managed WordPress Hosting that is right for your company and website.
In order to get the best of the best you’ll want to look for;

  • A fast, secure and overall reliable service,
  • A hosting that offers daily, or at least weekly, backups for your website,
  • An expert customer support team that can not only guide you in understanding your website better but also help you smoothly fix any bugs or issues it may encounter,
  • As well as finally, a free and reliable SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and CDN (Content Delivery Network) are a must.

Top 5 Best Managed WordPress hosting services:

Now that we’ve broken down the important aspects of Managed WordPress Hostings, it’s about time we take a look at the 5 best recommended by yours truly.

1. WP Engine

WP Engine WordPress Managed Hosting

Now, you have probably heard it’s name time and time again, and for good reason, WP Engine is one of the best out there, no doubt about it which is essentially why it’s the first on this list.

You can find the perfect hosting whether you want managed, dedicated or cloud hosting services. A personal blog or a complex site, either way, you will meet all your expectations with WP engine.

Thanks to their in-house caching technology that allows for massive scalability and speed!

The features for WP engine are just as impressive with SSL certificates and CDN ready at the get-go, along with an automated migration to WP engine from other hosting services. All of this being absolutely free of charge.

WP engine is nothing if not flexible, allowing you to be able to host multiple sites at once with virtually no traffic lag as well as making it simple for you to test run your website and deploy it once you think it’s ready.

They also provide daily backups, a firewall and threat detection along with award-winning customer support!

The pricing for WP engine range from $35 up to higher than $290 a month, each with CDN included and varying numbers of visits per month as well as the number of sites you’re allowed to put up for hosting depending on the plan you choose.

2. Kinsta

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting

Yet another famous name in WordPress hosting, Kinsta makes it next on this list hot on the heels of WP engine. Optimised for speed, this hosting service provides lightning-fast load times along with powerful user-friendly tools, with the goal of making the usage of their services the epitome of effective simplicity. Not to mention along with this they also provide free migration for the website to Kinsta as well as daily backups to make sure your data is secure.

Powered by the Google Cloud platform, Kinsta is aiming to be the leader of the next generation of WordPress hosting, catering to the ever-increasing demand for speed in the eyes of the public with their servers being completely secure and still hitting top speeds when compared to other hosting services.

Along with their supremely simple interface, they also provide 24/7 customer service, ready to guide the user with the help of an online messaging system, although lacking a calling service for it.

You may assume that price plans for Kinsta would be through the roof with all their benefits but their range goes from cheap to expensive, matching WP Engine for $30 a month and ranging to upto $1500 a month for the best of the best. All of their plans provide SSH access but differ in storage and visits.

3. Pagely

Pagely Managed WordPress Hosting

Now moving away from the spotlights one Managed WordPress Hosting service you may or may not know of is Pagely.

This service is a bit more on the premium side, mainly for entrepreneurs who want the best and most powerful hosting service they can, with servers optimised for high speeds and complex functions to provide them with this.

Pagely does their best to make sure your website is free of backdoors and defends against malware, all to ensure that your site is never defaced. With extremely fast speeds and powerful security in place, such hosting service is perfect for large enterprises.

Provides an around-the-clock, active support system through online messaging and FAQs with a guaranteed immediate response.

Now, since it is more suited for large enterprises, it does surpass the costs of Kinsta and WP Engine by quite a bit with their cheapest, entry-level plan being $199 per month going up to $2249 per month. All of these plans provide 50GB of disk space with varying numbers of Nodes and website hostings depending on the plan chosen of course.

4. GoDaddy

Godaddy WordPress Hosting

Looking once again at a Managed WP hosting service that is relatively more well known, up next on our list is GoDaddy. Mirroring Kinsta in speed and simplicity, GoDaddy’s reach is far as a hosting service going from basic to more advanced services.

GoDaddy’s servers come with automatic WordPress core and security updates, to make sure that your site is always at peak performance along with it’s security to prevent malware and hackers from seizing the site.

Along with these, GoDaddy offers free daily Backups to prevent information loss as well as an extremely simple, one-click, a migration tool to make it much more simple to transfer your website to GoDaddy.

They are also quite proud of their support team that provides 24/7 support to customers via phone, community forums and live chat.

Now the thing that really makes GoDaddy stand out from the rest is it’s affordability when compared to the others on this list, especially with it’s performance and tools. With packages ranging from $4.99 a month to $24.99 a month, GoDaddy’s pricing tops the list so far even when compared to WP Engine and Kinsta with varying storage spaces, website counts and visit limits depending on the package chosen.

And if that wasn’t enough, annual plans allow the customer a free domain name and a money-back guarantee as well as a free SSL Certificate for a year regardless of the package chosen.

5. FastComet

FastComet Managed WordPress Hosting

In the game of speed, there is always someone faster and in the world of WP hosting FastComet is that someone. Priding itself on being one of the fastest WP hosting services out there FastComet’s reliable servers and tools only serve to back up this claim.

The service fully manages the web servers with little to no disturbance and is powered by none other than cPanel, a very well known and widely-used web hosting tool. With it’s superior write speed, complete root access to hosting pros as well as website performance boosting FastComet is quite popular in the hands of many beginners.

Further providing not only, around-the-clock, customer support like the other services on the list, expert assistance is also provided to help customers build their website in the way most suitable for them.

Also taking the title as the most affordable hosting service on the list, FastComet’s packages range from $2.95 per month to $9.95 per month, trumping even GoDaddy in that respect but having storage space ranging from only 2 GB to 6 GB, firmly cementing it as the beginner’s Holy Grail of managed WP hosting providers, with it’s unmetered traffic in order to make up for the lack of storage space in comparison to the other services.


The hosting provider you choose depends on multiple variables such as your price range and requirements, as well as the magnitude of your enterprise. Hopefully, with the help of this list, you can gain an understanding of which service would be the best for your WP website. Good luck!