Validation when editing a profile not working

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    Rasmus Wollesen

    Title pretty much says it all.
    I have a field which allows 8 digits. Works great when creating the profile but does not do jack when editing the profile.
    I am not getting any JS errors in my console, så wondering if the script is loaded at all?


    Rasmus Wollesen

    Okay, it would seem the validation class that the JS works with is typed in wrong?
    In the sign up form where it works, the validation class is piereg_validation
    and in the edit form it is just validation.
    Changing this makes the validation work again.

    Next problem is that all the rules does not propagate, as the limit on chars validation is not in the edit form.


    Rasmus Wollesen

    Found that classes/edit_form.php was missing

    `if(isset($this->field[‘length’]) && intval($this->field[‘length’]) > 0 )
    $val[] = “maxSize[“.intval($this->field[‘length’]).”]”;

    on line 660


    Pie Register


    Thank you for digging it up, we will add this in our next releases!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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