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    joe aliferis

    Hi there

    I have tried to use user fields created with PIE in a Gravity form notification

    like so

    {user:first_name} {user:last_name}


    The first name (name fields) work ok – appearing in the email as Joe Aliferis

    the address field is not working (blank in email)

    How can I include the user meta for the address field – do I have the name wrong?

    I simply created a field called address in PIE and in my front end profile I have a address showing

    thanks a lot



    joe aliferis

    I guess I just need to know the key for the custom user field created by PIE

    see this GF post



    joe aliferis

    I found it using another plugin to expose user meta keys

    in my case: pie_text_6

    I guess this value depends on the fields Ive crested and in what order I created them – perhaps you could add a way for admins to expose the keys for the fields they create in PIE in the CMS ?



    Pie Register


    Thanks for contacting us regarding Pie-Register. Perhaps we make it shown on backend for admins.. You will need to login to the User table in Database, and search for meta name %address% to get Pie-Register address field name.



    citirack citirack


    I just installed Pie Register, I want to modify the value of Submit button but unfortunately cannot because when i point the cursor to the pencil symbol it automatically redirects to another URL. how to fix this so that i can start adjusting the value of Pie Register.

    Thank you,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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