Shortcodes for Pie-Register User Infos

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    Diego Lumbao

    Hi, I made a registration form successfully with pie-register where invitation codes are needed because there is a pre-made Member IDs I made and used them as invitation codes to validate them.

    However, I don’t need the codes just for registration but also to become a particular member ID. My question is, how can I use the invitation code used by the user in his/her registration to be displayed in my website using shortcodes or other means?

    A result I’m looking for is like:
    Name: Diego
    Age: 21
    Member ID : 412312

    Looking forward for an answer, thanks! 😀

    PR Team Member

    Hi Diego,

    Pie Register provides profile page, where it shows user information. Below is the PR shortcode for user profile, if you want to use it on any other page.

    Make sure in form settings, field option “Show in Profile” should be enable for a field you want to show in PR User Profile.


    Pie Register Support

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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