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running around in circles

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    AvatarJM ten Brink

    Some plugin you people built – really great. And free support, even better.
    But before I rate that 5…. i’ld like to see things work.
    I use a theme with a built-in homepage by mythemeshop where my users normally “land”. Now I want them to first go to PIE registers, login or click to the registration and than wait for my approval as admin. After succesfull logon I do not see the home page (you use the term “default” which is nog page name…) but the administrator section where no user should ever come…. What am doing wrong with this promising plugin…?

    AvatarPie Register


    Pie-Register allows you to redirect after login/Registration to a custom
    location, when you keep it default, it means PR wont modify the after
    login screen and wordpress or other plugin can utilize it.

    PR doesn’t block your site pages for Non-Logged In users, you may need
    to use other plugin to not allow non logged in Users to interact with it.

    Hope it clarify your confusion.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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