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Redirect after Registration (not Login)

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    AvatarDimitar Dimitrov


    Thank you for your efforts. This is a great plugin, but I am experiencing a minor difficulty.

    I have two pages:
    1) Users should be redirected here after they register (does not exist in Pie-Register);
    2) Users should be redirected here after they login (‘After Sign-in Page’ in Pie Register).

    In order to get 1) working, I use a different plugin (Peter’s Login Redirect). Unfortunately, I believe Pie-Register is overriding this plugin, so I do not get the desired functionality. How can I solve my problem?

    I have a second question, too. I could not find any conditional logic on your forms. Did I miss it?

    Appreciate your support,


    AvatarPie Register


    with Pie-Register, you can put redirect on both login and registration.

    For Setting Redirect after sign-in please go to Pie-Register >> General
    Settings Page
    For Setting up in Registration, Please go to Pie-Register >> Form Editor
    >> Submit >> edit

    Hope it will help!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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