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    I’ve created a radio button field in my registration form basically to ask new members how they heard about us, as well as another one for age group.

    On the form editor, the options are neatly arranged across the page.

    On the front end the labels wrap and it looks very messy.

    I’ve tried setting the option not to output CSS in the hope this would mean the form picked up my theme’s CSS, but no luck.

    Ideally I’d like to use my theme’s styling for the whole form (I use a different font).

    As a fallback option, though, it would be good if I could have a method of displaying the buttons in a vertical list rather than across the page.

    Can you suggest any solutions for me?


    Pie Register

    Hi Joe,

    We confirm this as an issue with version 2.0.12. We have already started working on this and will be fixed in our upcoming release. If you don’t want to wait this much, you may be interested to download the patch of this bug with the following URL:

    Please download and extact the zip file.
    Copy and Replace all the files/folder with the one you have at your Server (WP-CONTENT >> PLUGINS >> Pie-Register)
    It is not recommended that you directly apply this patch on your Live/Production Website, please use it on Test Site First.
    Always make a backup of your existence files and DB before you apply any patches.

    Hope it helps!



    Hi, i’ve got version 2.0.13 and i’m facing the same problem now

    What can i do?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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