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    Todd Jones

    I’m trying to do a couple of things…

    1) Integrate using Sendy/AWS as the autoresponder to registrations (for a couple of reasons). There is a way to have all wordpress emails use aws but the one plugin for that I found causes some issues on a multisite for new subsite registrations, so hoping to have the registration form handle that.

    2) I want to make the wordpress registration (for commenting etc) also register users for bbpress and buddypress, including adding buddypress profile information. all from the single registration.

    possible? how? thanks

    Pie Register

    Hello Todd,

    Pie-Register comes with many important Hooks and Filters you can use them to enhanced the functionality or integrate with 3rd party apps easily.
    On Registration, PR provides the following hook, you can hook your functionality on the registration event that way you can integrate with aws , buddypress and any other app as well.

    Here’s how would you do:

    function my_custom_functionality_on_pr_registration($user_object){
    //You have user object and POST to retreive the data here.

    Hope it helps


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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