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    Serkan Yusein

    Hello,i’ve been writing on wordpress support section but have no answer so far,so i wanted to try here. I need to edit the profile page of pie register,is that possible and how? Thank you.


    Pie Register


    You can add form fields in Profile Page in the following way:

    1- add fields in Form Editor

    2- edit fields by clicking Pencil icon

    3- set status ‘YES’ for ‘Show in Profile field’ for those which you want
    to show in profile page

    you can get short code for profile page from HELP section in the plugin

    Hope it helps!



    Pie Register


    You can post all your of your questions related to Pie-Register in this

    Profile Page shows the fields added on Registration form.

    Please clarify what do you want to accomplish? so better we can help you!



    citirack citirack

    Hi im new in this forum, and i have an issue regarding pencil symbol When i point the cursor to the pencil symbol then straight away ti redirects me to pie register url. how can i modify the value of the submit button thru the pencil edit button?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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