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    Hi I am using WP v:4.0.1 with Simplify theme and Pie-Register v:2.0.13.

    When users try to reset their password either using username or password they get the following error mgg: Password reset is not allowed for this user.

    Any ideas what could be the problem. I did try to search for same problem on your forum but could not find the anything related.

    Regards, Ziga




    You have either Admin/Email Verification ON or Payment enabled, that’s
    why Your users have to complete the registration either by Verifying
    their Email or Completing of Payment or you have to approve their
    Registration if Admin Moderation enabled.

    Hope it helps!




    Nope still does not work. 🙁

    My settings are as follows.

    Frontend settings:
    Redirect logged-in users: yes
    Show Admin Bar: Yes
    Override WP-Profile:NO
    Block WP-Login Pages:NO
    Modify WP-LOGIN: NO
    OutPut CSS: Yes
    Output PR jQuery-ui: Yes

    User Verification:
    Verifications: Email Verification
    Grace Period (days): 0

    Remove Settings
    Remove Settings On Deactivation: NO

    Any other suggestions ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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