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    Twix Chopra


    I am adding extra fields to the registration form but somehow it is not showing on to the front end.

    I checked console and there no javascript console error.

    I want to add math captcha and It is showing in the back end but not to the front end.

    What might be the issue here ? Tell me if more information is needed.

    Twix Chopra

    Okay so I found out the issue.

    I was using pie register something in following manner :

    I was using shortcodes for sign in , forgot password.

    So UI is : There is sign in text in the header and when user click on it overlay pop up will open with login box(through short code) and below that login box there is two link -> Forget Password and Registration.

    When user click on Forgot Password Login box will replace with Forgot Password and same for registration.

    But due to some change in requirement, We had to provide page link of the registration.We just put HTML comment without removing the code :

    <!-- <div> <?php echo do_shortcode('[pie_register_form]'); ?> </div> -->

    NOTE : We did not gave PHP comment.

    So due to this, any new field was not showing in the registration page.

    When we made comment, it worked.

    <!-- <div> <?php //echo do_shortcode('[pie_register_form]'); ?> </div> -->

    So is this bug ? Can’t we use three of them together on the same page ?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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