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2019-04-25 10:55:36

MySQL Installation Status incorrect

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    Matt Pegler

    I have recently installed the latest version of PR for the first time. I have green checkmarks next to all the installation status notifications except MySQL which has a red X with the following:

    Pie-Register requires MySQL 5.0 or higher. Please deactivate Pie-Register

    Using the Diagnostic plugin in wordpress and the control panel on my web server I can verify that I have MySQL version 5.5.32. Any insight or advice would be appriciated. Thanks!

    Current WordPress version 4.1
    Current WordPress database version 30133
    Server operating system Linux
    Current version of PHP PHP 5.5.6
    Current version of MySQL MySQL 5.5.32-log

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    Pie Register

    And what mysql version PR shows on there?

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