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Modify Login Form Text

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    Avatarscott miller

    I love Pie Register, but hate WordPress’s “Lost your password?” link text (which is repeated in Pie Register’s forms as well. I think it’s a bit condescending to the user–especially when there are other reasons to need a password reset (i.e., the account was established automatically and no email notification was sent to the registrant–they can’t lose something they never had).

    Anyway, I’d like to change this text to something like “Reset password.” Is there an elegant way to do it?

    If not, may I request that some “apply_filters” functions be added to allow users comfortable with php to add filters to make this change before the form is displayed? If that’s the way to go, I’d suggest surrounding all three calls to pieOutputLoginForm(), as follows:
    $output = apply_filters(‘piereg_output_login_form’, pieOutputLoginForm());
    in the following places (in version 2.0.21):
    – pie-register.php, line 864
    – pie-register.php, line 3177
    – widget.php, line 102 (with an argument of “true” for the function call)

    By making the change at this point, a programmer can customize all of the form output with one function (not just the text change I have in mind) very close to when the form is displayed.

    While I’m making suggestions, I’d also like to see the function on pie-register.php line 1044 changed from add_object_page to add_menu_page. That’ll shut off some deprecated function notices when in debug mode.


    AvatarPie Register


    Thanks for your request and suggestions. We really appreciate it. At the moment there is one other way to rephrase that word without modifying the core files is: go to lang file edit it and change the translation of “Lost your password?” word to the desired phrase.
    Hope it helps.


    Avatarscott miller

    Thanks for the reply…I thought about doing that, but won’t I lose that edit whenever the Pie Register plugin is updated? I prefer the “apply_filters” suggestion that I made above since 1) some change needs to be made to the plugin to keep such edits persistent across plugin version updates and 2) it provides a lot more flexibility, in the sense that a user’s “functions.php” file can make any change the user would like to the html string (maybe changing text as in my example, but maybe adding css or or a new class name to some html tags).

    So I’ve added my apply_filters call as indicated in my original question–and I’ve done the same for the pieOutputResetForm() calls as well. (I think that’s the function name.) I’ll just have to remember to continue to edit your files whenever they’re updated (unless you decide to add the apply_filters calls or some other persistent workaround).

    Thanks again.

    AvatarPie Register


    We will definitely consider it adding in our next release.

    Best regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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