Login issues for admin after v 2.0.17 upgrade

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    After upgrading to v. 2.0.17 and For admin users sometime it is letting me login and sometimes it shows invalid password error though i enter the correct details.

    Is this something related to setting a much strong password?

    Am sure that pie register overrides the default wordpress login

    These are my settings
    Block WP-Login Pages – Yes
    Modify WP-LOGIN – No

    Pie Register

    Well, PR uses WP authentication methods, so it is unlikely to be happen
    for a correct password. Still we will try to re-produce, or if you could
    have further information please fill in, i.e: other plugins or active
    theme if have a login page etc?



    These are the 3 plugins and theme is a custom theme developed from twentytwelve and it doesn’t has any login page/functionalities.

    I have following plugins in use
    1) Theme My Login
    2) iThemes Security
    3) Antispam Bee


    Pie Register

    Turn off theme my login !


    Hi Mohsin,
    I have disabled the theme my login plugin and this issue persists. It works for some set of passwords and it haven’t on certain passwords (though both shows strong in the security meter). I will try to Observe on what type of passwords it is working and will try to post out here.


    I have two more questions Mohsin
    Does Creating/Changing the user role with admin capabilities will work ?
    It is possible to create admin accounts only with the strong passwords, is this a feature of pie register’s plugin ? or i suspect some other security plugin is blocking the way?
    (I have already mentioned the security plugins am using in the above thead)

    Pie Register

    PR doesn’t validate Password strength on login screen so it must be the other plugin doing its stuff. However, in PR you can choose to set a Password Strength on Form Editor, this could stop this issue.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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