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Information required before purchasing

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    Richard de Jonge

    Hi Team.
    I need some additional information before I purchase your plugin.

    I need to make my website a donation based subscription site to control spiraling costs (what I made turned out to be stupidly popular =|)

    I see your plugin has a Paygate on it already, but will it allow the user to specify how much they would like to give?


    Pie Register

    (No tested but) try with a Donation Button without Amount


    Richard de Jonge

    Hi, I figured out how to do this before your reply.
    The next problem is, I am handing out invitations also. I have published the codes etc BUT
    Even with an invitation code, you are taken to PayPal.

    How can I get around this?
    Also, where do I pay for your plugin?


    Pie Register


    I’m glad you figured it out. For your other question, does it mean you
    want No Payment for the users with invitation code?
    If this is the case then I’m regret to say the free version doesn’t have
    this conditional logic, however, our paid plugin have this feature which
    is not out yet.



    Richard de Jonge

    Next question. Where to go to purchase the plugin?
    and how far away will the ‘conditional logic’ be? any ETA?


    Pie Register

    The Pro is in QA, I can not predict actual time but I believe Beta/RC will be available within a month to specific people.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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