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2019-04-25 10:47:13

Forms not showing up (due to custom theme?)

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    Bert de Vries

    I really want to use Pie-Register and set everything up.

    However, the forms are nog showing up. They only show a blank page (check for an example)

    I tried to disable all plugins, which did not help.

    Then I tried to use another theme (locally) (the 2015 theme from wordpress) and Pie-Register worked like a charm.

    My Problem is: I want it to work with my custom theme.

    I created this theme myself with the little knowledge I have of WP. So I’m guessing I should add something, somewhere to get this to work (my guess is in the functions.php file?)

    What am I doing wrong with my theme, and how can I get Pie-Register to work?

    Thanks in advance!


    Pie Register


    I see the form correctly shows up on your site.

    I think you’re trying to view the form while logged in on the same
    browser. please note this is default configuration of Pie-Register, it
    doesn’t allow logged in Users to view the forms however, you can change
    this on General Settings page of PR.


    Best Regards
    Mohsin Abbas


    Bert de Vries


    Actually, that is another plugin. I could not get it tot work, even from another browser. None of the pages worked with my own custom theme. They do work with a standard wordpress theme, so I am guessing my theme is missing something… I just don’t know what.


    Pie Register

    PR works well with All Free, Premium and Custom built themes. Please try
    to deactivate the other plugin and check if the PR forms are being
    loaded correctly?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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