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2019-03-24 07:53:35

Form editor lost settings after saving

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    Elisa Cerruti

    I’m setting this great plugin but I’m encountering a huge bug. In the registration form I need to use some multiselect, checkboxes and radio buttons fields. Everything goes well since, after saving, I decide to edit again the field. As soon as I open it again all the title/values/settings are reset and if I save the form those field are completely reset in the frontend too.
    I’ve also noticed that this happens also without trying to edit again the field. Therefore even though I set again and again the field, after the saving command everything is lost.
    Please, could you help me to understand how to fix this issue?
    Thank you!


    Pie Register


    This is weird and since this limited to your own environment I would
    need access to your site,. Please first try to deactivate all other
    plugins and if it is not helped, Please go to Contact form at our
    website and send over the login details.



    Joe Varghese

    Was there a solution for this? I’m getting the same problem

    I see the same behavior on Chrome as well as Internet Explorer


    Pie Register


    we never heard back from the original poster. if you encounter the same issue. please try the following steps:
    1.) Deactivate all other plugins
    2.) Switch back to twenty fifteen theme
    3.) Try to re-activate the plugins one by one untill you catch the problematic plugin/theme.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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