Error:The e-mail could not be sent

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    Nazakat Ali

    HI, my all other emails are working but this plugin is showing this error when i try to reset password,

    The e-mail could not be sent.
    Possible reason: your host may have disable
    How to solve this issue plz help

    Although on new user registration it send email to user. that is ok.

    I tried many smtp plugins but no result, then i tried wpMandrill it shows good results…Now, Pie register send emails without error message but the body of emails is empty, sometime there is only number 0 in message body..
    But after spending a lot of time, I figured out that in forgot_passsword.php file this line of code

    $message = $pie_register_base->filterEmail($message_temp,$user->user_login, '',$key );

    is causing this issue. when i modified this line of code to

    $message = $message_temp;

    It is working now.. but variables in message body like

    %user_login%, %reset_password_url%, etc.

    are not replaced by their corresponding values


    Nazakat Ali

    would anyone reply me?


    Pie Register

    No, You just can’t modify that line, it returns the formatted forgot
    password URL, and could not cause the delivery error.

    PR uses WP_MAIL function, so if its work on one place it will work on
    the others, please double check the email address you are sending mail
    to is valid.

    alternatively, send us URL to the forgot password page.



    Nazakat Ali

    I know that line returns forrmated password url but it is true that there is some issue..
    secondly, the email to which i am sending password reset link is my own email..
    and email is delivered successfully to my inbox but email body is empty..
    this is link to password reset page.


    Nazakat Ali

    Please solve this issue as soon as reply too late.


    Nazakat Ali

    i am waiting for your reply..


    Pie Register

    Hello Nazakat,

    Since you are the only one producing this error, please
    1.) send us list of your active plugins
    2.) send us the text of your email template (copy from source/text mode
    of editor)
    2.) Forward us the email you received
    3.) try to create our user do a reset on our email

    And please be patient since this is a free support and numbers of
    queries are very high but we try our best to reply each and every query
    asap. If you do want more faster response You can buy premium support.



    Nazakat Ali

    1.) Pie Register and wpMandrill are active plugins
    2.)Email Template

    `<p>Dear %user_yim%</p>

    <p>You have just requested for a new password for your account. Please follow the link ( %reset_password_url% ) below to reset your password.</p>

    <p>If you have not requested for a new password, kindly ignore this Email.</p>

    <p>Best Regards,</p>

    <p>Team %user_login%</p>

    3.)This is screenshot of email i recievd from pie register plugin
    4.) Give your email addresss so i can create user


    Pie Register


    This could be WP Mandrill, people get it working using WP MAIL SMTP. You
    can still create an account for me at mohsin.abbas [at]



    Nazakat Ali

    As I described earlier, if i don’t activate WP Mandrill
    it shows this error

    `The e-mail could not be sent.
    Possible reason: your host may have disable the mal function..`

    and i also tried number of SMTP plugins but pie register plugins shows same error..

    One thing more, if i activate wpMandrill or POSTMAN SMTP…then your plugin send emails successfully but email body is empty.
    i Hve created your username

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