Emails are not sending correctly.

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    Dotty Directory

    I’ve only just updated Pie Register to 3.0 as its first few iterations were not playing fair with my site.

    However now it works much better than before apart from a small issues with emails.

    My emails have a custom template have been working since September 2016.

    However they do not seem to like the newer Pie Register.

    Instead of showing correctly they mess up and show a lot of styling code at the top.

    It appears fine when tested elsewhere, it also appears fine when coming out of Source mode on the notifications editor.

    But when I save it messes up.

    Incorrect email display
    Correct email display



    Dotty Directory

    There are a few emails but this is one example.

    Had to place as link as your site forbid the code embed.


    PR Team Member

    Your html contains HTML tags which are restricted now. You can use inline styling instead.
    Only HTML tags return by WP function below are allowed.


    Pie Register Team

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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