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Elementor and Your Plugin

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    I figured I would inform you that this plugin is currently incompatible with Elementor Page Builder.

    The only way you can edit a page that uses your shortcode is to unassign the page in the settings before attempting to edit the page in Elementor. For example, if I want to edit the Login page using Elementor then I have to go into the PIE settings and select a different login page. After selecting a different login page, I can then go back to the Login page and edit it in Elementor.

    Since Elementor is one of the most popular page building plugins, you might want to consider fixing this compatibility issue. People can still edit pages within Elementor but they have to unassign them in the PIE settings first, edit them in Elementor and then reassign them (afterwards) in the PIE settings. It’s rather inconvenient.


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    Thanks for reaching out to us regarding the issue. We will resolve the issue on our next plugin release. For now, you can try the following:

    Edit pie-register/pie-register.php and go to line no: 153

    $this->is_pr_preview = (isset($_GET[‘pr_preview’]) || isset($_GET[‘elementor-preview’]))?true:false;

    Replace it with:
    $this->is_pr_preview = (isset($_GET[‘pr_preview’]) || isset($_GET[‘elementor-preview’]) || isset($_GET[‘et_fb’]))?true:false;


    Pie Register Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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