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    Rasmus Wollesen

    Hey there.

    I am using the Pie Register plugin and it does look very promissing.
    But, right now I am having some trouble getting the editor to add classes to my form elements.

    When i used the Source button to write raw HTML, it discards the changes and reverts to what it thinks is the best idea.

    Say, i want a <h3 class=”someClass”> Grand headline! </h3>
    When i type that i the source window and hit save, i am left with <p> Grand headline! </p> which i can work with, but it is annoying to work with.

    Anyway to make sure the editor does not eat my tags and attributes?

    Pie Register


    This is a known issue in ckEditor, here is a work around, if you dont wanna wait for the next release.

    Please go to Ckeditor under Pie-Register Folder using FTP
    Open Config.js in a Text Editor
    Append the following line before the closing brackets:
    config.allowedContent = true;
    Save file and upload.

    Hope it helps,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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