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    Hi, the plugins works fine so far but it would be really helpful if there were different forms for registering and editing profile, e.g. I would like to have different names for the submit button, like “Register now” for the register form and “Save profile” for the profile form. One could solve this by using jQuery or change code in the plugin core but these solutions are not safe due to plugin updates. Maybe it would suffice to have two different “Submit Button Text” fields, one for registering and one for the save profile button.

    Another problem ist, that I would like to have extra (optional) fields for the user profile, which are not required for registration. So these fields shall not show up in the registering form, but could be filled out in the user profile. The field option “Show in Profile” should be converted to “Only show in Profile”. In my opinion it does not make sense to have a field in the registering form, which the user later on cannot change in his or her profile. The other way round it would be a great feature!!!

    I would appreciate to get some feedback soon to my concerns, THANKS !!!

    By the way it would also be nice to have the admin settings (dashboard sidebar menu) show up in wordpress UI. Sorry, but the colors are really ugly 😉

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